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A Wonderful Place to Build Your Home!
Jackstone Creek Runs along the West Side
and Through The Bottom of Your New Home

Jackstone Creek

Jackstone Creek Running Along the West Side of Your New Home


Located in Osino and 2 miles from I-80 this beautiful lot is full of surprises.
Jackstone Creek runs along the west side and the bottom of your new home.
Jack Rabbits and wild game are abundant around the area.
Electricity and telephone hookups are only two blocks away.
Cell Phone service is great in the area.
There are areas for ATV and Motor Bike trails near by.
This is the perfect place to build your new home.


Looking South from Your New Home
Looking South from Your New Home

370' to The End of Your New Yard

A Home Located Two Blocks from Your New Home
A Home Located Two Blocks from Your New Home

I-80 2 Miles Away
I-80 Two Miles Away

Property Profile

APN #: 062-023-004

Legal Description: Meadow Valley Ranchos Unit # 7 Lot 4 Block 23

Size: 1.41 Acres

Zoning: Single Family residential - No building time limits

Road Access: Roads into and around lot. County road to I-80.

Electricity & Telephone: Available 2 Blocks Away, Great Cell Phone Service

Water: Well or Holding Tank - must install

Sewer: Septic Tank - must install

Taxes: About $10.00 per year / Paid Current

Deed Type: Quitclaim Deed

Note: There are no LIENS on this land, you will own this property FREE and CLEAR!
Your total cost is the purchase price you pay for this land plus a Buyers Fee.
(Buyers Fee = $150 documentation fee + purchase amount)
Your deed will be processed through a Quitclaim Deed as quick as possible,
usually within 3-6 weeks of your payment receipt and bank clearance. Title Insurance Available for A Fee

Parcel Map

Parcel Map

Topo Map

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Satellite Topo Map

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